Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural teeth.

Today artificial roots are mostly made of titanium, and during surgery they are inserted into the jawbone.

The aim is to replace the natural root and restore the patient’s teeth, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

A dental implant then acts as an anchor to hold the new artificial tooth in the right place.

We replace your missing dental roots using dental implants

Implants are used to replace one or more teeth, as the pillars under fixed or removable dentures or for orthodontic purposes.

Important requirements for an implant are healthy gums and sufficient bone in the jaw to hold it.

If the quality of your bone tissue is not good enough, this situation can be solved with bone augmentation.

For this purpose various bone grafting methods and materials are used to add new bone to the jaws.

In our dental centre we use high quality Swiss implants from the manufacturers

Straumann and Camlog and an Israeli brand, Alpha Bio implants.