Teeth whitening

1. tooth whitening method that whitens and regenerates

A new revolutionary method of tooth whitening PrevDent, professionally applied by the team of doctors of the Dental Center Zolárek.

Enables painless whitening of teeth in professional quality with guaranteed results.

An advantage over other bleaching systems

The first revolutionary bleaching gel composition containing Hydroxyapatite.

We have two videos for you with our clients who share feelings and experiences with tooth whitening in DC Zolárek.


This tooth whitening technology used by PREVDENT works in 3 basic steps:

Removes pigment

deeply deposited pigments are effectively removed by PREVDENT with Stain Removal Swab immediately in the initial bleaching phase

You regain a naturally white smile

Revolutionary foam consistency of bleaching agent is created by mixing two components: 6% H2O2 with hydroxyapatite


PREVDENT repairing serum - remineralization of tooth enamel surface as the last dot on the road to a radiant smile


What results can I achieve?

Clinical studies show bleaching results by up to 8 - 9 shades per hour.

The end result depends on the patient's initial shade.

We recommend that you always consult with your doctor.

Is whitening safe and suitable for sensitive teeth?

Yes. Thanks to the patented CrWR PREVDENT technology,

which whitens and regenerates damaged tooth enamel with the help of nano-Hydroxyapatite.

This method meets the EU requirements of 6% hydrogen peroxide.

How long will the bleaching results last?

Generally, the results of bleaching will last for 2 - 3 years, but the length is influenced by the thoroughness of oral hygiene and lifestyle (smoking, colored foods).

Does bleaching cause sensitivity?

During the procedure, soft tissues are isolated using barrier gels,

which provide maximum protection from light and whitening gel.

This method is especially designed for patients with sensitive teeth.

The foam composition of the whitening gel ensures optimum coverage of the tooth surface

and hence the uniform action of nano-hydroxyapatite over the entire surface.

How long does it take to bleach?

Depending on the initial shade of the teeth.

The recommended procedure time per one gel setting is 6 x 10 minutes.

One office bleeching session takes aproximately 4 - 6 gel settings.