Dentures are artificial substitutes for natural teeth and gums.

They fulfil the same function as fixed prosthetics (crowns, bridges) – and replace lost or even all of the teeth in the jaw.

If you, for example as a result of an accident, illness or poor dental health care reach a point where there are just a few,

or even no healthy teeth, dentures can replace them more or less without any problems.

Replace your missing teeth with dentures and restore your teeth.

Dentures are recommended especially when it is no longer possible to replace missing teeth with fixed prosthetics.

In most cases it is first necessary to make a model of the teeth using the impression of both jaws.

On the basis of this model new dentures are then made in the laboratory.

This is then fixed on to the remaining teeth or directly onto the toothless jaw in the mouth to fully restore your teeth.

The advantage is that you can always remove them from your mouth (e.g. at night or for cleaning) and if necessary refit.

After attaching a dental prosthesis it is necessary to ensure proper oral hygiene.

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